Are winds of change blowing in Washington?

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Editor’s note: This post is part of a six-piece story on the U.S. economy, the upcoming presidential election, regulatory drag and all the impact all three are having on the trucking industry. Click here to read from the beginning.

“There is yearning in the Democratic Party for someone with some spunk and some spirit,” Glassman says.

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Are winds of change blowing in Washington? 

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There is good news.


On the Republican side of the aisle, another member of the Bush family has been presented as a possible presidential candidate. But Glassman says Jeb Bush makes for a unique political candidate “because he is very cerebral and quiet. Not much at all like his brother.”

With Hillary Clinton shaping up to be a Democratic presidential force to reckon with, we could be only 19 months from another Bush/Clinton clash at the polls.

“I have no idea if America is ready for the third Bush or the second Clinton,” Glassman says. “Will Americans feel that they want something new and different rather than the extension of two dynasties?”

What Americans have clearly shown is they want is more options. Glassman says 80-plus percent of voters want an alternative to choosing between a Democrat and Republicans.

“Right now, it’s virtually impossible for an independent third-party to get elected president or even influence a presidential election,” he says, noting there is a push to get third-party candidates involved in presidential debates.

“I would not bet against of the idea of an independent candidate emerging, if not winning, or certainly having some kind of affect (on the election).”

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