Alt fuel innovator seeks fleets/older trucks to beta test emulsified diesel system

Updated Apr 30, 2015

X2O-Product 72dpiA Michigan-based alternative fuel developer is seeking fleets with older-generation tractors to beta test a new emulsified fuel system. Fierce Fuel Systems says that its new X2O  diesel fuel system will allow fleets with older trucks to remain competitive and advance toward stringent U.S. emissions mandates solution while keeping on the road — and making money — longer. The company says emulsified fuels reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and decrease combustion temperatures. The X2O is engineered for all pre-emission, class 8 truck engines, including Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, and CAT. Fierce Fuel Systems exhibited at the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, KY last month and hosted a demonstration at TMC’s Spring Meeting in Nashville in February.

“Since fuel costs represent approximately 40 percent of fleets’ budgets, 20 percent savings can potentially double owners’ profit margins. Our mission is to help legacy truck owners increase profitability, reduce emissions and extend truck life by optimizing diesel fuel,” says Fierce Fuel Systems’ CEO, Lou Conti.

Environmental, Operational and Economic Advantages

Modern trucks are often troubled with fuel injection problems due to inconsistent fuel quality and fuel injection manufacturing standards. Older trucks are largely exempt from these challenges. Emulsified fuels are known to, decrease fuel consumption in an amount relative to the amount of water added, reduce NOx and PM emissions, and lower operating temperatures. Independent tests on the X2O confirm 17.3 percent fuel savings, and 500,000 miles of field tests show an average of 20 percent savings, regardless of fuel prices.

An Approved Alternative Fuel

Emulsified fuels have been observed and tested since the 1930s for shipping dockyard loaders, ships, diesel-powered generators, city busses, mining, and other 24/7 operations. Today, emulsified fuel is an approved alternative fuel by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board. Until now there has never been a fuel system that performs the micro-emulsification process directly onboard using domestic diesel fuel, micro amounts of emulsifier additive, potable water, and the truck’s air and 12VDC power.

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How the X2O Works

Diesel, water, and an emulsifier additive are mixed together to create micro water bubbles encapsulated in diesel fuel. These droplets are small enough to pass through the fuel pump and injector nozzle spray holes. When the emulsified fuel droplets are injected into the combustion chamber, the water super heats, expands, and creates a micro explosion, which disperses the fuel into a fine mist. The fuel is atomized beyond the unit injector’s capability, increasing the surface area between fuel and air by four times and diesel droplet density by 64 times. This process creates low temperature combustion and enables the fuel to burn more efficiently than regular diesel.

Availability and Installation

Fleets wanting to beta-test the X2O fuel optimizer can submit their truck style and mounting configurations to The X2O is a turnkey system that requires no engine or electronic control module retrofits. It leaves the OEM systems intact and connects to fuel- and air-lines and 12VDC. Truck owners can self install or take advantage of free on-site installation at the company’s tech center in Auburn Hills, MI. After installation, emulsified fuels can be generated wherever diesel fuel and potable water are available.