FetchDesk launches ‘self-brokering’ software for carriers

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Updated Sep 4, 2015

FetchFetchDesk announced the launch of a new cloud-based platform to streamline communications between shippers, brokers and carriers.

The company says its mobile-friendly software allows shippers to identify and self-broker qualified, accredited trucks and gives carriers the ability to secure backhaul freight up to eight days in advance.

Shippers, brokers and carriers pay a $70 annual subscription fee for access to the software using their computer or mobile device. FetchDesk then provides shippers with future carriers who match their loading needs.

FetchDesk says the new software expands networks for accredited, subscribed carriers beyond a traditional load board’s limited reach. In addition, the software removes the shippers’ risk of revealing sensitive load information online by keeping trucking transportation requests confidential.

Carriers save money by eliminating broker commission and reducing deadhead mileage, and the software simplifies the booking process for shippers and brokers by providing the option to contact carriers directly to negotiate contract terms, it says.

David Dwinell, CEO of FetchDeskDavid Dwinell, CEO of FetchDesk

Only carriers that meet and follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations are accredited and allowed to subscribe. Shippers/brokers must also be credit qualified through FetchDesk in order to subscribe.

“We’re truly improving the freight transportation industry by opening the trucking marketplace to millions of shippers and carriers with an innovative, easy-to-navigate self-brokering software,” said Steve Perez, chief technology officer of FetchDesk.

The first 1,000 carriers and first 1,000 shippers/brokers to enroll for FetchDesk will receive a free one-year subscription. FetchDesk is available for Mac and PC, and can also be used with iOS, Android and Microsoft devices.

“FetchDesk is as simple to use as booking an airline reservation. Public safety is improved because the shippers can online safety vet the carriers before ever calling to book their load,” said David Dwinell, chief executive officer of Youngstown, Ariz.-based FetchDesk.