10 worst states for truck parking

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Updated May 19, 2023

hours truck stopThe shortage of safe truck parking in the U.S. is a significant issue faced by most U.S. truck operators daily, a problem recently highlighted by the DOT in its multi-year Jason’s Law study, which noted 37 states have a shortage of truck parking. The problems are exacerbated in densely populated regions and along major freight corridors, the report noted.

The study relied heavily on survey data, and it analyzed truck parking in states through several different metrics. Ranked below are the 10 worst states for trucking parking, using the number of available spaces per 100,000 miles of annual truck vehicle miles, with the tie-breaker coming in the form of spaces per 100 miles of national highway system:

10: Illinois, 76.9 spaces per 100k truck miles traveled

9: Maryland, 72.2 spaces per 100k TMT

8: Florida, 71.2 spaces per 100k TMT

7: Utah, 70.1 spaces per 100 TMT

6: Washington, 68.5 spaces per 100k TMT

5: Connecticut, 60.2 spaces per 100k TMT

4: Delaware, 56.1 spaces per 100k TMT

3: Tennessee, 31.4 spaces per 100k TMT (162.6 per 100 miles of NHS)

2: California, 31.4 spaces per 100k TMT (90.6 spaces per 100 miles of NHS)

1: Rhode Island, 31.4 spaces per 100k TMT (38.5 spaces per 100 miles of NHS)

CCJ sister site Overdrive is in the midst of analyzing the survey data from Jason’s Law and poses this question to carriers and drivers: In what states are the parking problems most pronounced? Select the three states in which you or your drivers have had the most problems: