Trucker Tools launches Smart Capacity freight matching platform

Geofencing Trucker Tools 2017 02 08 13 48Trucker Tools, which provides a popular driver smartphone app and automated Load Track system, has launched a new freight matching platform, Smart Capacity. The new platform combines instant carrier-driver connectivity and analytics to continuously aggregate capacity and predict when and where it will become available for third-party brokerage and logistics providers (3PLs).

The new platform leapfrogs current freight matching technology of load boards, freight marketplaces and companies who are trying to disintermediate or “uberize” the transportation industry, said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive officer of Trucker Tools.

“Smart Capacity gives 3PLs and carriers a more efficient and accurate freight matching process than anything they have previously experienced,” he said. “By using the platform, 3PLs and carriers can secure capacity and loads as soon as they become available, days in advance of their competitors, to aggressively grow market share.”

Smart Capacity provides optimal driver-load recommendations to users through an online dashboard and integrated workflow to minimize human intervention. Beyond matching freight, the technology enables 3PLs to grow revenue by identifying additional capacity they can offer to customers on demand, the company said.

Choptank Transport, a leading full-service logistics provider, is an early adopter of the new platform from Trucker Tools. The Preston, Md.-based company manages truckload and less-than-truckload shipments of refrigerated and dry freight as well as flatbed shipping and intermodal transport.

“Smart Capacity is going to give us visibility to more capacity and help make our internal carrier salespeople more efficient by talking to trucks they know are in a particular region,” said Geoff Turner, president and chief executive officer of Choptank Transport. “Besides making our process more efficient, the technology will help carriers reduce deadhead miles and give us visibility to trucks that we may not have had visibility to before.”

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Choptank Transport will be using the technology as an integrated feature of its PowerBroker enterprise management system from McLeod Software to maximize efficiency, Turner explained.

The platform keeps 3PLs connected with carriers using the Trucker Tools smartphone app, which has been downloaded by about 450,000 owner-operators and small carrier drivers. Available to carriers at no cost, Smart Capacity optimally recommends loads for drivers and assets within a carrier’s network of 3PL partners to improve visibility and operational efficiency.

Gollapalli notes that Trucker Tools went to great lengths to ensure data privacy and protection for all parties that use the new predictive freight matching process enabled by Smart Capacity.