Heavy rains, flooding prompt suspension of trucking regs in central Texas

Updated Oct 22, 2018
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Heavy rains and prolonged flooding in central Texas have prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to declare a state of emergency for 18 counties, suspending hours of service regulations for truckers who provide direct relief to the affected areas.

Counties under the emergency declaration include: Bastrop, Burnet, Colorado, Fayette, Hood, Jim Wells, Kerr, Kimble, La Salle, Live Oak, Liano, Mason, McMullen, Nueces, Real, San Patricio, Travis and Williamson.

Truckers hauling relief supplies, equipment, fuel and people into and out of the affected areas will be allowed to operate outside of federal hours regulations.

Two people have died as a result of the flooding as of Thursday afternoon. The Llano River in Kingsland washed out a bridge earlier this week, and homes near the Colorado River outside of Austin are reportedly flooded as a result of the continuing rains.