Archerhub merges fleet assets with digital freight marketplace

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To date, digital brokers and freight marketplaces have been dominated by non-asset companies. At least one company in this space, Archerhub based in Denver, owns its own truck fleet to provide capacity alongside its pool of owner-operators and contracted carriers.

Archerhub has created a digital freight marketplace platform for truckload shippers and carriers to connect and book loads. Freight shipments are contracted with carriers that adhere to rigorous standards, with options to utilize Archerhub’s private trucking fleet.

“Because we have our own fleet, we always have a truck ready to recover any shipment, 24/7—which is of particular importance to food distributors like DemKota, where freshness and shelf life are the lifeblood of its business,” said Nick Darmanchev, Chairman and CEO of Archerhub.

Through its mobile app or online platform, shippers have instant quotes, real-time visibility and automated customized reports.

Claude Taylor, shipping manager for DemKota Ranch Beef, said the private fleet and visibility technology Archerhub uses offers an advantage for perishable shipments.

“Our brand promise to customers depends on speed and freshness, so we wanted the efficiency and visibility that a digital freight broker provides, but also wanted the option of using a private fleet if needed. Archerhub provides the best of both worlds,” Taylor said. “The best part is—they never give back a load. It just gets there.”

Archerhub also has a recovery program should a truck break down in route to delivery.

“At Archerhub we don’t just assign a truck to a load, we always assume something might go wrong during its transit,” said Darmanchev. “Our algorithm is designed to constantly give options for backup trucks, just in case.”