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Alabama Motor Express adopts SmartDrive video safety platform

Alabama Motor Express will install the SmartDrive program across its entire fleet of 221 tractors.

18 fleets named winners in TCA Fleet Safety Awards

The top three winning companies from each of the six mileage-basd divisions had the lowest accident frequency ratios per million miles annually.

Driver pay increases likely to be carriers’ biggest ‘cost pressure’ in 2018

Speaking as part of the analysis firm's "State of Freight" series of webinars, FTR Transportation Intelligence Vice President of Research Avery Vise outlined a series ...

Used truck prices slid nearly 2% per month in 2017

In the past 15 years, external factors such as EPA regulations and the Great Recession have overshadowed natural market forces.

Traffic graphics: CCJ’s Five Flashiest Fleets winners tell their fleets’ stories at a glance

Check out this year’s CCJ’s Five Flashiest Fleets, and get inspired to relay your company’s message.

Crime report: CDL testing schemes, inspection bribes, reincarnated carrier, more

A Texas-based fleet owner pleaded guilty to bribing troopers for clean inspections, a Washington state-based drug tester pleaded guilty to falsifying test results, Mississippi and ...

I-10, other major interstates remain closed in Louisiana from winter storm

A number of interstates are closed in Louisiana, including a large section of I-10 from LaFayette to Slidell. Other interstates impacted by ice in Louisiana ...

Using Telematics to Manage Your Mobile Assets

ELD waivers issued for short-term rental trucks, motion picture drivers

About 6,500 drivers working in the motion picture industry will be exempt from ELD compliance for at least five years. Also, rental trucks driven for ...

Old Dominion to implement costing system for container drayage

Old Dominion Freight Line has decided to implement the Truckload Cost Information System (TL/CIS) for its container drayage operation.

EROAD adds DVIR to ELD platform

EROAD has added an in-vehicle Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) reporting tool to its ELD compliance platform.

Navigating drug testing requirements as state laws increasingly conflict with federal regs

A new law in Maine forbids employers from refusing job applicants or firing employees for testing positive for marijuana use. But the issue is clear ...

More clean inspections: Enforcement change or improved compliance?

What's behind the rise in the number of clean inspections?

Phillips’ tracker bar extension

Phillips’ X-Tend tracker bar extension is designed to prevent scuffs and marring on the back of the cab from swinging cables. The device extends the ...

Optronics’ oval multi-function LEDs

Optronics’ Fusion GloLight six-inch oval multi-function surface-mount LED lamps employ the company’s GloLight optical technology. The stop, tail, turn and backup lamps feature smoothly glowing ...