2011 Innovator of the Year

Updated Jan 23, 2012
Ccj0411 Pgfc Marten

Name: Marten Transport

Location: Mondovi, Wis.

While CCJ recognized Marten Transport as its 2011 Innovator of the Year based both on the company’s willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and on the elegant simplicity of its temperature solution, the company also is a clear industry leader in terms of proactive maintenance procedures, driver recruitment and retention, asset management and virtually every other aspect of fleet management imaginable. For example, while many fleets were stressed about the implementation of the Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program last year, Marten Transport actually welcomed the new standards. “Currently, we have a very good CSA rating level – one of the best,” says Dave Meyer, director of maintenance. “But we’re always challenged to retain that ranking or get even better – because anytime you’re shut down, you’re losing revenue.”