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New weigh-in-motion scales installed on I-15 in southeast Idaho

Idaho’s Inkom Point of Entry scale sign

Trucks that are within legal limits for size, weight and length are likely to get a bypass signal at Idaho’s Inkom Point of Entry scale.

Fleets that run through Idaho’s Inkom Point of Entry scale on I-15 in southeastern Idaho may notice more trucks bypassing the scale, as a new weigh-in-motion/automatic vehicle identification system has been installed in the area.

The new systems will allow trucks that meet size and weight requirements to bypass the scale. The Idaho Transportation Department estimates approximately 50-60 percent of trucks that pass through the area will get a bypass signal.

As trucks approach the scale, censors in the road will register the vehicle’s weight and axle configuration, and it will verify that the truck is running at legal weight, height and length. The vehicle identification system will check the truck’s safety rating and credentials. If the truck checks out to be legal, the driver will receive a green light to keep going past the scale. ITD says drivers could get a red light if anything shows up to be illegal, or for a random inspection.

Similar systems have been installed at the East Boise Point of Entry, the Huetter POE in Coeur d’Alene and at the Lewiston POE. ITD plans to implement the system at the Stage Junction POE south of the Montana border later this year.

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