2020 CCJ Virtual Solutions Sessions

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Thank you for registering for CCJ Virtual Solutions. We hope these sessions provide valuable insights and solutions for your fleet that take your business to the next level.


Biden vs. Trump: What the Next President Could Mean for Trucking

Donald Broughton, Principal, Managing Partner – Broughton Capital LLC
John Larkin, CFA, Operating Partner – Clarendon Capital, LLC
Alec Gizzi, President, JBS Logistics

Trade policies, GDP growth, pandemic management – the possible implications for the trucking industry are major no matter which presidential candidate wins the upcoming election. Get the inside analysis on what it could all mean for your fleet.


Costly Jury Verdicts Driving Up Insurance Rates

Brian Fielkow, CEO of Jetco Delivery and Executive Vice President/Board Member of the GTI Group
Stephen Setliff, Managing Partner, Setliff Law
Michael Nischan, Vice President of Transportation Logistics Risk Control, EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants

It’s every fleet executive’s worst nightmare: a large financial judgement awarded following a traffic accident. Fleet executives can’t risk not being proactive in trying to prevent these costly jury verdicts. Hear from experts on effective risk management strategies, plus the effects of possible minimum insurance requirement spikes.


Heavy Hitter Insights on Freight Flows

Derek Leathers, Werner CEO
Jason Miller, Michigan State University, Associate Professor of Logistics

It’s time to stop talking about market opportunities and time to start taking advantage of them. Don’t get left behind other fleets that have adopted new strategies to maximize opportunities in today’s freight market. Learn how to spot trends – and threats – in today’s environment that increasingly is being driven by e-commerce.

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Electric vs. Hydrogen: Trucking’s Next Big Thing?

Amy Davis, Vice President, Cummins, and President of Cummins’ New Power Segment
Alex Voets, Manager of eMobility Product and Sales Strategy, Daimler Trucks North America

Every emerging technology has its costs and benefits. Being able to weigh those against each other and make an informed decision is crucial. Get the breakdown of pros and cons for both hydrogen-powered and electric-powered fleets, so you can decide what’s best for the future of your fleet.

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Putting Driver Safety Data to Work

Paul Menig, Founder, Business Accelerants
Ed Nagle, CEO of Nagle Companies
Keith Wilson, Titan Freight

Are your IT and safety departments short staffed? Join the club. Many small fleets struggle to stay on top of driver safety data – but this session can help. Discover how even non tech-savvy fleet executives can analyze data from advanced safety systems and put it to use to drive results.

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Unplanned Maintenance’s Impact on Total Cost of Ownership

Jim Buell, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, FleetNet America
Greg Sullivan, Maintenance Supervisor, Marvin Keller

Unplanned maintenance means more than just wasted time – it’s wasted money. The cost of expensive roadside repairs and too much downtime adds up quickly. Find out how you can improve your preventative maintenance scheduling and save money.

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Raising the Bar: How to Discover and Draw Top Talent

Cameron Ramsdell, President, Variant
Ben Schill, Vice President, Paper Transport
Malea McElyea, Vice President of Business Development, CalArk

The best way to achieve a great workforce is to hire a great workforce. Sounds simple, but attracting and retaining top talent isn’t so easy. Where do you look and how do you attract them to your fleet? Get proven strategies from innovative fleets to find the top talent you’ve always been after.