Doe's diesel mangles Musk's electric. Was this accident preventable?

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Updated Apr 19, 2023

grey cat hitting a red semiTruck driver John Doe was cautiously piloting his rig along sunny two-lane Second Avenue in Chubbuck, California, at the posted speed limit of 35 mph while intermittently belching the Super Guzzle Diet Doctor Dew he chugged in the waning seconds of his 30-minute break.

Doe was listening intently to the Channel 19 chatter from Heavy-haul Hank, a westbound hauler of specialty mining equipment.

According to Hank, the Environmental Protection Agency was at it again, all but mandating truckers in the state buy an electric truck! "Can you imagine those big golf carts hooked to these bucket wheel excavator parts," Hank asked of his listening audience. "Over my CAT C-16's dead body!" 

Just as Doe was pondering the idea of plug-in truck tugging components for a 14,200-metric-ton mountain of machinery... SCREECH!! KA-BOOM!!!

Without warning, a gray 2022 Mustang Mach-E driven by Ellen Musk blindly and hastily exited a high-fenced apartment complex, only a few yards in front of Doe’s tractor! While he’d pounced on the brakes immediately and tried to steer out of harm’s way, the electric Mustang’s left front fender was a mangled mess. Mercifully, Musk was shaken up but otherwise unscathed.

To Doe's dismay, his fleet safety director sent him a preventable-accident warning letter. Doe appealed to the National Safety Council’s Accident Review Committee to render final judgment and NSC immediately ruled in Doe’s favor, noting that there was no way he could have anticipated Musk's maniacal maneuver or avoided ramming her car with only a split-second warning.