70 mph winds violently flip tractor-trailer over. Was this accident preventable?


Truck driver John Doe was driving in high winds on California's four-lane coastview highway. Suddenly, a 70 MPH gust violently flipped his tractor-trailer over. Was this accident preventable?

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Tractor trailer driver John Doe was northbound on California’s four-lane Coastview Highway with an empty trailer in tow. Noting a sudden increase in gusty crosswinds, Doe pulled into the right lane and decelerated to 30 mph from the posted 55 mph speed limit. 

Suddenly a 70-mph gust broadsided Doe’s trailer and flipped it violently onto its side.

Doe received a preventable accident warning letter from his safety director, which he contested. The National Safety Council’s accident review committee ruled in Doe’s favor, declaring that he had taken every reasonable precaution. Even a dead stop probably would not have helped, the NSC said.