FMCSA removes two ELDs from registered devices list

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Trucking news and briefs for Wednesday, May 22, 2024:

FMCSA removes two ELDs from registered devices list

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on May 21 removed two electronic logging devices from its list of registered ELDs.

Drivers and carriers utilizing the Blue Star ELD and the ELD Mandate Plus are required to stop using the devices and revert to paper logs or logging software to record required hours of service data.

Additionally, the devices must be replaced by compliant ELDs from the registered devices list before July 20. There are currently 24 ELD devices listed on FMCSA's revoked devices list that were revoked by FMCSA and have not been reinstated to the registered devices list.

As with previous ELDs that have been placed on the “revoked devices” list by FMCSA, the agency did not provide specifics on what led to their removal. FMCSA said the devices fail “to meet the minimum requirements established in 49 CFR part 395, subpart B, appendix A,” which contains the “functional specifications” for ELDs.

Ratan Baid, CEO of ELD Mandate, said the company "will remedy any deficiency and get our software reinstated," adding that the company is " in the process to find out the reasons/deficiencies from FMCSA."

Blue Star ELD has not yet responded to an inquiry from CCJ about its plans to remedy the issues with its device.

Motor carriers have up to 60 days to replace the revoked ELDs with compliant ELDs. If the ELD providers correct all identified deficiencies for their devices, FMCSA will place the ELDs back on the list of registered devices and inform the industry of the update.

During the 60-day period, safety officials are encouraged not to cite drivers using these revoked ELDs for 395.8(a)(1), “No record of duty status,” or 395.22(a), “Failing to use a registered ELD.” Instead, officers should request the driver’s paper logs, logging software, or use the ELD display as a back-up method to review the hours-of-service data.

Beginning July 20, carriers and drivers who continue to use the revoked devices will be considered as operating without an ELD. Officers who encounter a driver using a revoked device on or after July 20 should cite 395.8(a)(1) and place the driver out-of-service, FMCSA noted.

Veterans-support package of bills would streamline vets’ access to CDL training

A package of bills introduced last week in the U.S. House intended to reform and improve the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) includes provisions related to CDL training for military veterans.

The Senator Elizabeth Dole 21st Century Veterans Healthcare and Benefits Improvement Act encompasses a number of bipartisan and bicameral proposals to reform and improve the delivery of healthcare, benefits, and services at the VA for veterans, their families, and their survivors. It was introduced by Rep. Juan Ciscomani (R-Arizona) with support from House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Mike Bost (R-Illinois) as well as Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jon Tester (D-Montana), and Ranking Member Jerry Moran (R-Kansas). 

The CDL training-related provisions are based on the Veteran Improvement Commercial Driver License Act, introduced last April. It would allow veterans to use their GI Bill benefits to obtain CDL training at a new training facility if that new location’s primary facility has already been approved by the VA, rather than having to wait for the school to be open for two years.

The proposal would also increase reporting requirements for schools that are allowed to immediately enroll GI Bill beneficiaries in CDL schools.

ATA launches new industry image campaign

The American Trucking Associations on Monday, May 20 formally launched “Nothing Without Trucking” – a multi-year, nationwide image campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the indispensable role trucking plays in Americans’ lives.

The campaign launched at ATA’s Mid-Year Management Session in San Antonio with an introductory videonew website with social media shareables and call to action for industry supporters to share their stories.

“This time of year, as schools wind down and summer vacations dot the horizon, we're here to remind America that in every season and at every moment of daily life, there’s nothing without trucking,” said American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear. â€śIn an election year when it can feel our country is more polarized than ever, trucking is an incomparable industry that connects Americans of every background in ways that are literal, essential and personal. Our footprint is omnipresent, our reach is inescapable, and this campaign will show why trucking is the true beating heart of this nation.” 

Nothing Without Trucking will champion the trucking industry’s story through earned and paid media, digital content, grassroots mobilization and in-person events that connect those in the industry with elected officials, political candidates and the motoring public.

Nothing Without Trucking debuted with a call to action for industry stakeholders to share their personal stories through the campaign’s website.