What’s going on with speed limiters and other trucking legislation?

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As far as trucking regulations go, I doubt there’s any one rule set bigger right now than emissions, but 2024 has been a fairly active year for legislation – passed and proposed – that impacts aspects of trucking that don’t spew from an exhaust stack. There’s a number of proposals that affect trucking labor – like the under 21-pilot and the independent contractor rule; and truck parking, which just landed $200 million, working their way through D.C. And those are just a couple of many examples. 

Contents of this video 

00:00 10-44 intro 

00:32 Trucking regulations 2024 

01:22 Behind the scenes in Washington DC 

03:04 Combatting cargo theft 

04:31 Under-21 Interstate pilot 

07:14 Speed limiters 

08:55 California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency 

12:19 Emissions mandates and electrification