Trucker Path launches personalized dispatch service

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Trucker Path dispatcher
Trucker Path launches a new personalized dispatch service for drivers to reduce paperwork.
Trucker Path

Mobile application Trucker Path has released a new personalized dispatch service for drivers that is expected to create less office work and more revenue hauling loads.

Trucker Path Dispatch features load sourcing and negotiation, finding profitable loads by gathering driver preferences and sharing them with their personal dispatcher armed with Artificial Intelligence tools and millions of datapoints.

It also includes truck navigation that shows the quickest, safest truck-specific routes with pick-up and delivery locations, timing windows and special instructions sent directly to drivers’ Trucker Path app; status reporting that allows dispatchers to handle check calls with real-time reporting to keep customers informed without interrupting the driver; compliance monitoring that allows the dispatcher to monitor and ensure hours-of-service compliance by looking ahead for a good place for drivers to shut down for rest periods at more than 300,000 points of interest and parking locations; and a digital paperwork function that allows drivers to scan trip documents and submit them to the dispatcher to speed up payment processing and keep everything organized in one place.

“With Trucker Path Dispatch, we handle all the back-office work so drivers can just concentrate on driving,” said Trucker Path CMO Chris Oliver. “The personalized approach lets drivers determine their lane and commodity preferences, and then we find the loads they want to haul at profitable rates, eliminate forced dispatches, handle the check calls and also help with finding parking and the best places to shut down at the end of a shift. This is in addition to our fuel optimization feature that can help drivers experience significant savings on fuel costs."

Drivers who use the service will pay 5% per booked load. To use the service, operators submit their Motor Carrier Authority, Certificate of Insurance and W-9 tax forms and sign a Service Level Agreement to begin sharing their load and lane preferences with a personal dispatcher.

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Trucker Path CEO Joe Chen said this service addresses the needs and enhances the competitive advantage of smaller carriers and owner-operators who don’t have the capital to expend on technology that larger carriers and brokers have.

“The trucking industry has received tens of billions of venture and private equity investment in the past decade with very little supporting the individual driver” Chen said. “Trucker Path Dispatch is a tech-enhanced, highly-efficient, full-service dispatch service designed specifically to serve the back-office needs of the hundreds of thousands of small carriers and owner-operators who rely on the suite of driver-focused features Trucker Path provides.”

Oliver said Trucker Path asked its users what they wanted in a service like this, and the initial launch includes their top selections. Trucker Path will continue to build the service with additional features.

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