Cybersecurity tips fleets can use against modern-day pirates

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Updated Aug 12, 2022

The internet is the hunting ground for the modern-day pirate – tech savvy ne'er-do-wells hellbent on thievery and destruction.

According to IBM's X-Force 2022 Threat Intelligence Index, ransomware was again the top attack type in 2021, although the percentage of attacks X-Force remediated that were ransomware decreased nearly 9% year-over-year. The 2022 IBM Security study showed that 4% of all cyberattacks were aimed at the transportation industry, making it the 7th most targeted industry in the past year. That’s up from 9th place in 2020.

Bad actors inside the business were the culprit in 29% of all transport cyber attacks. Half of all incidents remediated by IBM’s X-Force security team at transportation organizations in 2021 were initially caused by phishing emails, followed by use of stolen credentials at 33% and vulnerability exploitation at 17%.   

Joining Jason and Matt this week on CCJ's 10-44 is Loney Crist, senior vice president of Cyber Security Software Development at IPKeys Cyber Partners, who shares some tips fleets can use as defense mechanisms against would-be attackers. 

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