Platform Science adds CAT Scale’s Weigh My Truck and CAT Scale Locator apps

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Technology news and briefs for the week of Feb. 19, 2023: 

Geotab offers new multi-purpose data tool

Geotab Inc. has released an integrated intelligence tool called Data Connector designed to help fleets address rising operating costs, supply chain, talent and regulatory pressures.

Geotab has curated specific data sets and made that data accessible through a simple, “no-code” integration with a customer’s preferred business intelligence tool, such as PowerBI, Tableau or Excel. Those data sets can then be integrated with customer fleet data from other sources such as maintenance or accounting systems, enhancing data analysis and automated reporting capabilities. Data Connector also includes report templates to quickly translate a fleet’s curated data into impactful insights while helping to develop customer reporting dashboards.

 â€śUsing Data Connector will prevent the siloing of data in organizations, breed more trust, and allow the right business stakeholders to have access to the data in a BI platform they’re already familiar with, which is ideal for all customers, but especially those with limited data management capabilities who would otherwise have to find ways of extracting this insight on their own,” said Mike Branch, vice president of data and analytics at Geotab.

Data Connector is also an effective and valuable resource for enterprise-level fleets with more established data management programs and technical resources. The tool offers a nimble, efficient and accurate approach to analyzing trends related to specific data sets and scales well whether you have a fleet of size 1 or over 100,000. Customers can access Data Connector through Geotab’s Marketplace, and easily add the tool as a data source in a preferred BI tool using existing MyGeotab login credentials.

Platform Science adds CAT Scale apps to catalog

Telematics and fleet management software company Platform Science has added to its catalog of solutions via a partnership with truck scale network CAT Scale. CAT Scale’s Weigh My Truck and CAT Scale Locator apps have been added to Platform Science’s connected vehicle platform so drivers can use those in conjunction with other tools in the catalog.

The Weigh My Truck app allows drivers to weigh and then get the weights displayed on their mobile device without leaving the cab. The app will also email a locked PDF copy of the scale ticket to email addresses specified by the driver. Drivers can create an online account with Weigh My Truck, which will store payment information, trucking company name, truck number, trailer number, email preferences and historical weight transactions. Fleets can also set up accounts that allow driver management and provide back-end data files. The CAT Scale locator app helps drivers locate the nearest CAT Scale locations on their mobile device, plan their route based on their current location, and save their favorite CAT Scale location.

Sixth CyberTruck Challenge coming in June

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) will once again serve as the lead sponsor for CyberTruck Challenge. College students from the United States and Canada learn about cybersecurity challenges in LTL trucking and about related career opportunities in the industry during the five-day gathering from June 12-16 at the Macomb Community College Sports and Expo Center in Warren, Michigan. It is the sixth time the event has been held since its inception in 2017 with 2020 skipped because of the COVID pandemic.

A total of 47 students from 21 universities attended CyberTruck Challenge in 2022. Students throughout North America are invited to attend the event, which includes hands-on instruction on various aspects of heavy-vehicle cybersecurity and opportunities to start up a truck and get the feel of it. While technical skills are a plus, CyberTruck Challenge is mainly looking for enthusiasm from students for the event and its mission.

CyberTruck Challenge has two primary objectives: develop the necessary talent that can come into the industry and deal with the cybersecurity challenges that are facing transportation and LTL trucking and develop a community of interest that can work together to solve these problems on an ongoing basis.

Updated impact sensor hits the market

SpotSee, which provides connected, visual, mechanical and chemical solutions that detect changes in the condition of cargo, has launched the newest iteration of the connected recorder that monitors impact, temperature, humidity and location of a shipment.

Created for use in the life sciences, automotive, electronics, power generation and aerospace industries, the SpotBot 4G Plus impact sensor provides extensive insights into the condition of a product or shipment through the supply chain. Detailed location, impact, temperature and humidity data are delivered to the SpotSee Cloud via the 4G LTE-M cellular network or through known Wi-Fi connections. The device combines GPS technology with proximity sensing of Wi-Fi signals and cellular towers to track the location of shipments and the conditions they experience in transit.

All event information is available through a secure portal and available for download, and the simple interface allows customers to monitor each trip, receive real-time updates and track potential damage along the journey. The device also offers users a smaller footprint, smart data collection, over-the-air device configuration and longer battery life.

CSD releases new incident reporting app

Vocational school Certified Safe Driver Inc. has created a new paperless, cloud-based employee/driver incident reporting app aimed at helping simplify and avoid litigation. The app guides drivers through the steps of collecting all vital information and what they should and shouldn’t say during the process.

The app transfers data to the incident report, creates workforce notifications, creates all reports for government agencies and insurance carriers, creates hazardous data analysis, provides extensive analytics, root cause analysis guidance and corrective behavior-based actionables, builds observation sheets to reduce reoccurrences, and fulfills contract responsibilities.

The app provides five sections to complete. The first is the incident notifier, which sends a notification that communicates location and time-sensitive information to designated receivers. The crash critical information notifier is next, which has drivers answer a series of questions about the accident. The crash report then guides the driver to collect all necessary information from the other involved parties, including the investigator and witness information. The driver can then enter their vehicle information, and finally, it guides them through the injury/illness notifier.

The app also features S.E.E.D, the standard to prevent and get ahead of incidents, pre-post/trip behind the wheel, and safe work practices coaching tools.

Geotab partnership provides access to EV charging

Geotab has partnered with electric vehicle operations platform Synop to give fleet operators in North America access to integrated EV charging and energy management within Geotab’s software platform, MyGeotab.

Commercial fleets, which include maintenance vehicles, delivery vans, semi-trucks, rental cars, government vehicles and school buses, face many obstacles when integrating EVs, including energy price volatility, multiple charging requirements and prolonged charge cycles. Integrating Synop’s software with Geotab’s data insights allows customers to manage their EV assets in real-time on a single platform.

Fleet operators can identify current charge levels; anticipate when vehicles are expected to be fully charged; gauge necessary energy needed for upcoming trips; evaluate expenses associated with fueling up; and gain insights into the energy efficiency of each vehicle – all within their existing telematics platform so there’s no additional hardware or installation required. Customers with further needs, such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) support and energy time of use rates, will also have access to these controls within the integration.

Synop is designed to support all commercial EV types and charging infrastructures and offers interoperability across mixed-fuel fleets. It is specifically designed for large commercial fleets to transform the performance of their EV operations and achieve sustainability commitments.

Geotab has also partnered with Cummins Inc. in an upcoming integration that will enable Over-the-Air (OTA) connectivity for Cummins Engine Control Units (ECUs) through Geotab’s GO9 device.