Cover Whale partners with data science tech company to improve driver safety program, insurance premiums

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Updated Mar 9, 2023

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Technology news and briefs for the week of March 5, 2023: 

New Cover Whale partnership better predicts risk

Commercial trucking insurance provider Cover Whale has partnered with data science and machine learning technology company Devron to rapidly incorporate new and alternative data sources to better predict risk, provide coaching to drivers and align premiums.

Cover Whale’s Driver Safety Program leverages data science and AI to evaluate and mitigate risk to improve road safety. Devron’s platform streamlines the process by unlocking access to additional datasets and eliminating the need, cost and privacy risk of moving data.

Traditionally, companies have needed to implement complex infrastructures for extracting, duplicating and moving data to gain insights. Devron bypasses this need by allowing Cover Whale to build and train machine learning models on datasets where they reside, including, for example, claims information, various vehicle telematics, external data related to highways, weather conditions and more to gain a more informed view of risk.

This partnership allows Cover Whale to reduce data engineering overhead, enhance its driver safety program with faster insights, more effectively manage risk and improve personalization for customers. The Devron platform also accelerates Cover Whale’s integrations across a growing number of telematics and camera device vendors.

Bestpass, Comdata help fleets with permits

Payment platform and toll management solutions provider Bestpass Inc. has partnered with FLEETCOR company Comdata Inc. to help fleets and owner-operators save money ordering permits for travel across North America.

Comdata offers more than 500 types of permits for fleets in need of alcohol, oversize/overweight, superloads, manuals, IRP and trip and fuel. As one of the largest permitting services in the United States and Canada, Comdata provides fleet operators every credential needed to safely and legally transport a load.

Comdata issued over 250,000 permits in 2022.

NMFTA launches digital SCAC system

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) is launching a new, all-digital system for assigning Standard Carrier Alpha Codes. SCAC 2.0 will enable carriers, resellers and partners to apply for and manage their SCAC directly on a 24/7/365 basis.

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SCAC is a unique identification code that NMFTA assigns to carriers. Once assigned, these codes serve as an elite-level identification piece for any carrier. The codes are required for many business activities carriers engage in, including doing business with the U.S. government and crossing the border.

Upon launch of the new system, which is scheduled for April 10, 2023, carriers and resellers will no longer have to contact NMFTA staff to apply for SCAC, as the SCAC 2.0 platform will allow them to apply for and receive the codes digitally in real time. They will also be able to change contact information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information contained in their accounts in real time. There will still be three pieces of information that require the help of NMFTA staff to update: company names, MC numbers and mode of transportation.

Here are the features of the new system:

• Carriers and resellers can set their codes to auto-renew upon their scheduled expiration date, as well as receive a notification when expiration is approaching.

• Payments can be automated.

• Companies who need multiple codes can easily apply and purchase immediately without the red tape.

• A responsive mobile interface makes the system easy for users to manage on their phones.

• SCAC 2.0 supports English, Spanish and French languages and can be easily translated with a simple click.

To demonstrate the power of the new system, even a carrier attempting to cross the border and discovering their SCAC has lapsed can log into the SCAC application from any mobile device and renew the code or get a new one in real time, allowing the border patrol to proceed with the registration process.

FTR gives FSA members supply chain insights

Food Shippers of America (FSA), a non-profit organization that represents the interests of the food shipping industry, is working with FTR, a leading transportation intelligence company, to advance sharing of relevant transportation industry information among FSA members, providing insights and resources to help them optimize their supply chains, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The partnership will include FSA member access to FTR's transportation intelligence tools and resources, as well as regular updates on market trends and regulatory changes that impact the industry. FSA members will also have the opportunity to participate in webinars and other educational events that provide insights into best practices and emerging trends in transportation.

WARP offers same-/next-day delivery solution

WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, has launched DirectFresh, a service enabling perishables shippers with same-day and next-day direct store delivery.

WARP’s DirectFresh service enables shippers to transfer product from cold storage directly to a store or a WARP Station (cross dock), depending on their inventory needs, within the same day without needing to work with a last-mile delivery service. WARP’s technology weaves together the middle mile and last mile using its network of temp-controlled cross docks and carriers.

Part of the new DirectFresh offering includes a partnership with ShipRec to provide real-time temperature monitoring of fresh freight in transit directly in the WARP platform. The partnership improves food safety and works to meet the strict requirements of FSMA regulations to prevent foodborne illness. Users can receive notifications if a refrigerated or frozen product's temperature is outside of the optimal temperature zone, allowing drivers to investigate issues as needed and alert customers of any issues in advance. ShipRec’s tracking technology also applies to more than fresh freight, giving WARP customers accurate, geographic locations for all their loads. ShipRec’s tracker signal is strong enough to go through cardboard, metal and even concrete, making it applicable to fresh shipments.