A new management system for tanker fleets, plus tools to enhance visibility and efficiency

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This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts features the launch of a new transportation management system for tanker fleets, an industry acquisition and more. 

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00:00 Tech Shorts intro 

00:21 Transportation management system for tanker fleets 

02:04 Rand McNally acquires Safety Direct 

03:17 Tools to enhance visibility and fleet efficiency


00:00 This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts features the launch of a new transportation management system for tanker fleets, an industry acquisition and more.

00:21 Transportation management system provider TrueTMS has rolled out a new cloud-based TMS designed specifically for tanker fleets. TrueLiquid TMS aims to increase safety, efficiency and profitability for liquid haulers with features for managing every step of shipping bulk liquids, from fuels and chemicals to food-grade products and more.

The platform will equip tank haulers with tools for solving load planning challenges, tracking shipments and preventing cargo cross-contamination. Additionally, the new platform expedites the flow of data and documents to track demurrage and accessorial charges and streamline other accounting and compliance tasks. Customers can view documents for each order, such as bills of lading and scale tickets, immediately online after drivers capture scanned documents with the TrueLiquid app.

George Thellman, director of business development and strategic relations at TrueTMS, said, "Our team recognized a significant void in the industry and set out to build a custom solution that solves the distinct challenges tanker fleets face. While TrueLiquid is still evolving, we're excited to begin rolling out this revolutionary platform and have big plans for its future."

Key benefits of the TMS include:

• Interactive trailer diagrams that assist with accurate load planning to meet order requirements for volume, commodity and compartment requirements.

• All-inclusive fleet management to operate tanker equipment alongside flatbed, van, reefer and other assets on a single platform.

• Integrations with ELD systems for real-time tracking of driver availability and shipment status.

• And a customer portal to automate order entry, track-and-trace and other routine communications.

02:04 Rand McNally has enhanced its safety technology capabilities in the advanced telematics space with its latest acquisition.

The company recently acquired the Safety Direct connectivity product line, portal and operations from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. The sale has no impact on Bendix’s existing portfolio of braking, steering and advanced driver assistance systems.

Safety Direct's technology is pre-installed by several truck manufacturers, which enables Rand McNally to expand its existing connected vehicle platform and accelerate its focus on driver safety, creating a comprehensive platform built around and focused on driver safety.

Rand McNally President Kevin Hatch said, “The combined expertise of Rand McNally and Safety Direct will result in an expanded catalog of offerings that cater to the diverse needs of the trucking industry and other companies that own or operate vehicle fleets. The acquisition will enable Rand McNally to deliver enhanced innovations in real-time monitoring and driver alerts, predictive maintenance, fleetwide management, and compliance management, among other critical fleet operations.”

The acquisition is expected to open new opportunities for growth and expansion in emerging markets.

03:17 Transportation management system provider BeyondTrucks has partnered with Samsara on an integration that gives clients of both companies tools to enhance visibility, fleet efficiency and decision-making capabilities via immediate access to both asset and operational data for dispatchers, drivers and fleet managers.

Currently, many trucking companies are faced with the challenge of their data being spread across different systems that are not connected, in addition to receiving data with a significant time lag, resulting in many fleets paying for expensive integration services. With the BeyondTrucks and Samsara integration, customers can have their real-time data connected at no cost to set up or maintain.

Integrated driver workflows provide fleets with the ability to streamline operations without investing in engineering services or bolt-on software to create customized driver workflows. BeyondTrucks and Samsara customers can now configure their platforms with simple or complex tasks for drivers based on specific customers, commodities or locations without additional costs.

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