Freight fraud prevention, a new route optimization tool and more

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This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts features a new suite of tools for freight fraud prevention, a new route optimization tool on the market and more. CCJ’s Tech Shorts is a weekly roundup of technology in trucking.

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00:00 Tech Shorts intro 

00:22 AI-powered route optimization 

01:45 Tire pressure, suspension pressure and load monitoring 

02:38 Tools for freight fraud prevention


00:00 This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts features a new suite of tools for freight fraud prevention, a new route optimization tool on the market and more.

00:22 Walmart is offering one of its internally developed tools to other businesses. The company’s AI-powered route optimization technology is now available as a Software as a Service solution through Walmart Commerce Technologies.

The solution aims to create a more efficient supply chain while helping reduce emissions with these key factors:

• Better planning for a truck’s multi-stop journey with AI-driven automated route mapping that considers factors such as time, location and store delivery windows.

• Packing trailers in the most efficient way possible, maximizing space and ensuring temperature-controlled items stay fresh.

• Ensuring stores receive deliveries on time, regardless of external variables, by leveraging weather and traffic patterns and quickly pivoting as needed.

• Strategically planning inventory pickup on return trips from deliveries so trailers are never empty, ensuring efficiency and a greener footprint.

• And providing at-a-glance insights such as trailer usage, trip time and distance traveled without cargo to help operations management teams make faster, more informed decisions.

Using this same technology, Walmart avoided 94 million pounds of CO² by eliminating 30 million unnecessary miles driven and optimizing routes to bypass 110,000 inefficient paths.

01:45 AKTV8, a developer of automotive control and monitoring systems, has released a new platform that combines tire pressure, suspension pressure and load monitoring into a single telematics-ready system for the commercial truck, RV and automotive aftermarkets.

The platform, PressureTech, can be used as a stand-alone system with AKTV8’s custom mobile app to configure multiple vehicles and trailers and set separate alerts for each or in combination with the AKTV8 iAir range extender and telematics gateway to unlock more features.

The system’s features for heavy trucks include an at-a-glance “Drive Mode” and the ability to share vehicle profiles and settings along with full TPMS and load data across users. The PressureTech onboard scale system accommodates lift-axles and Frost Law adjustments.

02:38 Transfix is rolling out a new suite of tools for shippers, carriers and brokers to help mitigate the $800 million freight fraud problem in the U.S.

At launch, the digital freight brokerage’s Transfix Shield includes RateCon Shield and Facility Shield. The RateCon Shield pilot launched last summer for Transfix loads in an effort to combat the growing issue of bad actors impersonating legitimate freight brokers offering loads to carriers, who then go unpaid when they contact the legitimate broker. To combat this, RateCon Shield automates the addition of a unique QR code to rate confirmation documents, enabling carriers to validate the authenticity of loads and the brokers offering them.

Facility Shield, which is in beta testing but will soon be available to shippers, provides fraud prevention capabilities at the facility level. The tool, designed to help shippers protect their facility and associated loads through proprietary validation systems and processes, verifies carriers before they enter a facility to help mitigate theft.

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