New telematics features to improve driver retention, a chat feature for car haulers and more


This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts highlights new telematics features that aim to improve driver satisfaction and retention, a car hauling TMS platform’s addition of a driver chat feature and more. CCJ’s Tech Shorts is a weekly roundup of technology in trucking.

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00:00 This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts highlights new telematics features that aim to improve driver satisfaction and retention, a car hauling TMS platform’s addition of a driver chat feature and more.

00:25 Telematics provider Netradyne has expanded the DriverStars feature of its GreenZone CSA driver score platform with the launch of Driver Streaks and Driver Dispute that aim to enhance and habitualize safe driving skills by focusing on positive reinforcement.

Once a positive (durational) measurement is achieved by a driver, Netradyne’s Driver•i devices automatically capture video and award a Driver Streak, a subtype of DriverStars within the Netradyne system. Examples of possible Driver Streaks include a Stop Sign Streak, achieved when a driver stops at consecutive stop signs, or a Safe Speed Streak, achieved when a driver completes a significant total of monitored driving minutes without going above the set speed threshold. Driver Streaks also includes consecutive driving while being distraction-free as well as maintaining a safe following distance during their trip.

Additionally, Driver•i recognizes driver actions like creating space for a vehicle on a street shoulder or achieving separation by slowing down and automatically awards a DriverStar, which has a positive impact on drivers’ GreenZone Scores. DriverStars can also be initiated by safety managers or earned through positive driving performance and reaction.

The Driver Dispute feature allows drivers to dispute a claim they perceive as inaccurate within the Driver•i portal or the Driver App. The goal is to improve driver satisfaction and retention by offering them an avenue to be heard. Safety managers are notified when a driver has submitted a dispute for a particular alert so they can work with their drivers to understand the concern.

02:05 Ship.Cars, a software solutions provider for the car hauling industry, has added a new feature to its SmartHaul TMS platform via a recent partnership with third-party communication service Logytext.

The new feature, Driver Chat, aims to centralize communication with drivers to boost efficiency for dispatchers and improve satisfaction for shipping customers. It allows dispatchers to send SMS and MMS messages seamlessly to any device or app the driver is using directly from the SmartHaul TMS platform while maintaining a unified message feed to ensure no critical information is lost. It also allows carriers and owner operators to monitor activities, bolster accountability and resolve conflicts with greater efficiency.

Additional features include compatibility with WhatsApp, Zapier, Peruse, Chat GPT and ELD; the option to send mass messages to multiple drivers; message scheduling for specific dates and times; and custom reporting with a continuous record of all message threads to prevent small problems from escalating.

03:12 Optimal Dynamics, which provides artificial decision intelligence for trucking companies, has rolled out a new set of solutions designed to propel fast and confident decision-making across all facets of truckload operations.

These new features include optimized EDI tender acceptance recommendations, optimized bidding workflow and dispatch outcome explainability.

The optimized EDI tender acceptance recommendations feature assesses unique business rules and factors such as available capacity, existing commitments, driver coverage, profitability and more to help dispatchers and planners determine whether to accept or reject a tendered load, building on the company’s Execute feature that provides optimized recommendations on whether to assign loads to either asset or brokerage to best balance truckload networks.

The new bid rate analysis tool, Optimized Bidding Workflow, aims to improve the tedious and time-consuming process of finding the optimal rate to bid. The feature streamlines the experience for bulk lane rate adjustments and analysis directly from uploaded bid files, allowing users to run multiple bid analyses at different rates after applying bulk rate changes to ensure a more efficient, informed and responsive bidding workflow. It also gives analysts greater insight into how bid lanes impact their complete shipper network with network impact analysis, which provides a comprehensive list of incumbent customers that would be impacted in the future, assuming all Optimal Dynamics recommended lanes are won.

And finally, Optimal Dynamics uses embedded KPIs to provide dispatch outcome explainability. With clear visibility into metrics like revenue per driver, empty mileage percentage and current availability, fleet managers can quickly gain a detailed view of future business performance.

05:04 Doran Manufacturing has integrated with Platform Science’s open connected vehicle application platform Virtual Vehicle to help fleets reduce tire-related operating expenses, increase equipment uptime and improve vehicle safety.

Now, fleets using both Doran and Virtual Vehicle can have tire pressure and temperature information clearly displayed via the Doran TPMS mobile app and remotely through the Doran TPMS portal.

Data captured and displayed includes real-time notifications for cautionary and critical low-pressure alerts, FastLeak rapid deflation events, and high tire temperature conditions with the option to add a high-pressure warning. These insights also provide driver managers and fleet maintenance teams with real-time visibility on problem tires through email alert notifications, daily summary reporting and current tire status by vehicle.

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