In-cab entertainment for driver engagement, a new inventory solution for fuel transporters and more

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In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts, we’ll look at a new inventory solution for fuel transporters, a dedicated fleet channel for driver engagement and more. CCJ’s Tech Shorts is a weekly roundup of technology in trucking.

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00:00 Tech Shorts intro 

00:22 Inventory solution for fuel transporters 

01:39 Visibility of freight and capacity 

03:14 In-cab entertainment


00:00 In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts, we’ll look at a new inventory solution for fuel transporters, a dedicated fleet channel for driver engagement and more.

00:22 Transportation management system provider BeyondTrucks has launched a new solution that automates and optimizes the management of customer fuel tank inventories and deliveries for fuel transporters.

The Fuel Transport Solution provides a digital inventory monitoring feature that digitizes and centralizes all inventory readings from various customers in one place, allowing for real-time monitoring, order point re-evaluation and automated order generation.

Many fuel transporters that manage their customers’ fuel tank inventories struggle with manual, fragmented processes that create inefficiencies and increase error rates. This solution aims to eliminate those challenges.

One of New England’s largest fuel transporters, J.P. Noonan, has implemented the new BeyondTrucks solution. J.P. Noonan’s director of special projects (Mark Cicchini) said, "Our old processes and transportation management system made it challenging to monitor multiple fuel customers efficiently. BeyondTrucks allows us to automate this work and unlock valuable data. With real-time fuel monitoring data, we can now run our entire fleet operation on a single, streamlined platform and use analytics to make more efficient dispatch decisions and become much more competitive."

01:39 Transportation management software provider Magnus Technologies has added multiple AI-powered enhancements designed to make truckload planners, customer service reps and other knowledge workers more efficient and proactive.

Enhancements have been made to load planning, EDI and the customer tracking portal.

The Magnus platform now gives users forward visibility of freight and capacity in their planning regions up to five days in advance. Comprehensive metrics, customizable views and accurate forecasting tools enable users to strategically reposition resources to balance freight networks, transforming empty miles and dwell time into revenue. The platform also enriches load planning with dynamic map visualizations, including real-time weather, traffic and color-coding to identify exceptions.

The new EDI Manager allows users to define rules for auto-accepting customer load tenders via electronic data interchange and other data exchange methods. Additionally, it helps companies make better-informed decisions regarding accepting or declining orders by providing visibility of network balance, lane guidance and customer volume commitments.

And in the customer tracking portal, fleets can now provide greater transparency and end-to-end shipment visibility with accurate, AI-powered ETA predictions based on comprehensive variables.

Other enhancements to the system include new truckload rate calculations and accessorial charges, hourly driver pay and new yard check capabilities that support dropped trailers with visibility of cargo and location status.

03:14 EpicVue, a provider of in-cab entertainment and communication systems for the trucking industry, has introduced a dedicated fleet channel on its EpicVue+ in-cab entertainment, education and engagement platform.

The new EpicVue+ feature, called Engage, includes a custom home screen branded for each carrier along with a dedicated fleet channel to distribute company announcements and fleet news, promote incentives to reward drivers for performance, and acknowledge standout employees.

The Engage dedicated fleet channel is an easy-to-install, low-cost solution that promotes stronger employee connections.

EpicVue CEO Lance Platt said, “Top fleets are increasingly seeing how being more actively involved in communicating with their drivers promotes job satisfaction and retention … This offering, which we have developed at the request of our customers, will be invaluable for connecting with drivers and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.”