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Updates on Unified Carrier Registration system on docket for public meeting this week

FMCSA announced in the Federal Register this week’s meeting will be held Thursday, April 19, from noon to 3 p.m. Eastern time. Items on the agenda for the meeting include the review and ...

FMCSA shuts down hotshot carrier for various hazmat violations

Police found that the truck was transporting numerous cases of Class 1 explosives, including ammonium nitrate-fuel oil mixture; electric detonators; blasting caps and detonating cord. It is illegal to transport detonators ...

New FMCSA head wants ‘productive conversations’ on ELDs, safety

Speaking to an audience of truckload carriers, FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez emphasized a business-friendly approach to achieving safety goals.

DOT issues shutdown order to driver

FMCSA last week announced it had issued an effective shutdown order to a Kentucky-licensed driver after two roadside stops revealed a bevy of safety violations.

FMCSA changes ELD rule to allow for new installs of AOBRDs

The FMCSA is allowing fleets that currently use AOBRDs to continue with that version for newly purchased or uninstalled devices.

FMCSA remains quiet on details of examiner registry hack, site down now for three months

Three months after a hack prompted an outage of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s online registry of DOT-certified medical examiners, the site remains down, and FMCSA has not offered ...

Senate confirms Raymond Martinez to run FMCSA under Trump

Raymond P. Martinez, President Trump’s choice to head the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in his administration, has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate and will now assume the role ...

FMCSA leaves questions swirling around hack of medical examiner site

Though FMCSA said earlier this month that it appears carriers', drivers' and examiners' information is safe in the hack, the agency has remained silent about key questions surrounding the hack ...

Carrier and driver info seemingly safe after hack of FMCSA site, agency says

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has said that a hack of the online tool drivers use to find medical examiners for DOT physicals is the cause behind the site's ...

FMCSA to study truck drivers’ commuting habits, safety impacts

The agency says it intends to study the ramifications of “excessive commuting on safety and driver fatigue” after surveying drivers.

Trucker shut down after two serious crashes, failed drug test

During a post-crash drug test, Robert Schefflmaer tested positive for a Schedule 1 controlled substance. The post-crash investigation also revealed Schefflmaer had multiple hours-of-service violations in the two weeks leading ...

Online registry of DOT-approved med examiners down due to technical issues

The online tool that truck drivers use to find a U.S. DOT-certified examiner to obtain their medical certification is indefinitely down, according to a memo posted to the Federal Motor ...

FMCSA shuts down Kentucky-licensed trucker after drug OD led to crash

According to FMCSA, Kinmon was driving west on I-74 when his truck slowed down to a stop and began rolling backwards. The truck rolled into adjacent travel lanes, jackknifed and ...

FMCSA’s Medical Review Board gets two-year extension

The MRB is composed of five members from medical institutions and private practice. These members specialize in areas most relevant to commercial drivers, FMSCA says.