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White Papers

Commercial Carrier Journal’s sponsors offer white papers and other informational materials to update you on the latest trends in trucking, and to help save you money.

Making the Case for Business Process Automation in Transportation

If your company is interested in improving cash collections and increasing its quarterly revenue, check out this whitepaper on automating your back office processes.

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Winning with ELD

Making the Most Out of ELD The ELD Mandate doesn’t have to mean lost money and productivity. Download our Winning with ELD eBook to find out how you can turn ELD into an opportunity to improve your business.

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3 Months to Go: Setting Up ELDs and Fleets for Success

The overall ELD implementation process can seem daunting, but you're inching closer and closer to the finish line. And the good news is: installing the actual devices into a cab is relatively fast and straightforward.

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GPS Insight sponsored a fleet survey conducted by Bobit Business Media, publisher of Automotive Fleet Magazine, Fleet Financials Magazine, Business Fleet Magazine, and Work Truck Magazine.

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The Business Benefits of ELDs

In the one month stretch leading up to the FMCSA’s first deadline, fleet owners and drivers should already be well versed in ELDs and trained on the new technology.

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In this report, we will focus on the 100 air-mile since it's one of the more commonly talked about exemptions for short-haul operations

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ELD Solution Must-Haves

With five months to go until FMCSA's first electronic logging device (ELD) mandate deadline, fleet owners that haven't yet determined how they'll comply must make a decision, soon.

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Readying Drivers for an ELD-Compliant Road

While December 18 is a firm deadline for many components of the ELD mandate, drivers, however, should not consider it the finish line.

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Proactively Reduce Claims in Just Three Steps

Each year, trucking companies experience huge losses of time and money, and damage to their reputation due to collision claims. Learn how you can avoid the high costs of claims by preventing them from happening in the first place.

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Risk Management: 6 Building Blocks to a Safer Fleet

Fleet safety is key to employee wellbeing, federal compliance and the bottom line. Here we examine the building blocks to safer fleet operations and how technology has helped shape the future of transportation.

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ELD Countdown Series 4 Months to Go: Don’t Buy Just to Comply. Buy to Thrive

Fleet owners have been busy getting up to speed on FMCSA's requirements and selecting the right electronic logging device (ELD) for their business.

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ELD Adviser: Fact or Fiction

There is six months to go until FMCSA's first ELD compliance deadline on Dec. 18, and the industry is moving full steam ahead. At least it is supposed to be...

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The Butterfly Effect on Tire Maintenance

The effects of small discrepancies in tire inflation & unmatched dual tires are well documented, but analyzing the impact of these often-correlated failures reveals a fortune in lost revenue.

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Beyond Telematics: How Video Predicts Risky Behavior

Learn how using video technology can provide insight into why incidents occur, identify both good and risky driving behaviors and analyze driving patterns to help predict which drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision.

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What Does It Take To Become Fleetworthy?

Fleetworthy believes the only way to safeguard your business – and the public's safety – is to operate at a higher standard. To insist on not just meeting the minimum standard requirements, but exceeding them.

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