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Another post-settlement lawsuit filed against Pilot Flying J

pilot flying jNational Retail Transportation, Inc., and Keystone Freight Corp. — two fleets that share an address in Hasbrouch Heights, New Jersey — are the latest fleets to file a lawsuit against national truck stop chain Pilot Flying J in the wake of federal allegations that the company withheld owed fuel rebates from trucking company customers.

Similar to the more-than-20 other fleets to sue Pilot, the carriers are suing over counts of conversion and violation of the Racketeering, Influence and Corruption Organizations Act, unjust enrichment, deceptive trade practices and forms of conspiracy.

The companies are seeking payment for damages, punitive damages, treble damages, interest and attorney’s fees.

An Arkansas court ruled to settle class-action litigation against the company, in which Pilot agreed to repay money owed to members of the class along with 6 percent interest.

A judicial panel last week deferred other outstanding lawsuits to that ruling, too.

A court-appointed accountant will approve the amounts owed to Pilot customers. Class members have until Oct. 15 to opt out of the settlement, which would allow them to pursue their own lawsuit against the company.

Integrity Legal
Integrity Legal

So what's the latest update of this lawsuit? I'm willing to help by providing legal assistance in either both parties to ensure that the lawsuit case would be solved. Business have been affected by this lawsuit and it must be resolved in less time to avoid recession.


Flying J and Pilot should be sued out of business. There is no telling how many independent driver they have cause to lose everything.Pilot and Flying J went out of their way to defraud the truckers. They thought was funny to defraud as many drivers and companies as possible. They call all of the truckers stupid. I do not thing they will be punished for what they did. Money from the truckers will buy them out of jail. My company has always used Loves Travel Plazas. I will no buy a thing from a Pilot or Flying J.


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