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API introduces new donut to differentiate new FA-4 diesel oil

API FA-4 10-W30 Donut.jpgThe American Petroleum Institute will introduce a special Service Symbol Donut to help consumers identify the newly-approved FA-4 (PC-11) diesel engine oil.

API approved two new diesel oil standards, FA-4 and CK-4, earlier this year.

“API is introducing a diesel engine oil category for use in truck engines designed to meet 2017 model year on-highway greenhouse gas emission standards,” said Kevin Ferrick, senior manager for engine oil licensing. “The FA-4 donut was developed to help truck owners who need FA-4 oils easily recognize the oil and distinguish it from CK-4 oils.”

Shell Lubricants launches enhanced education blitz ahead of new diesel engine oil specifications

Shell Lubricants says it has logged more than 30 million on-highway miles of testing CK-4 and FA-4 engine oils before they hit shelves in December ...

The new donut features a shaded section to differentiate API FA-4 diesel oils from CK-4 oils. The API CK-4 Service Symbol Donut will look the same as the current CJ-4 Donut.

API CK-4 Donut 10W-30.jpgMost truck manufacturers recommending API-licensed CJ-4 engine oils will likely recommend API CK-4 oils as soon as they are available. API FA-4 oils have been designed to protect diesel engines that are expected to be introduced in 2017. API recommends that technicians and consumers check with the manufacturer of their engine to determine the correct oil to use.

API has put together this website with more information on FA-4 and CK-4 engine oils.

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