Brake monitoring

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MGM Brakes highlighted the advantages of its E-Stroke brake monitoring system at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

MGM’s Steve Stein said E-Stroke enables drivers and service personnel to conduct quick and accurate brake status checks.

Factory pre-installed and pre-calibrated sensors, an integral part of MGM Brakes’ service chambers, and spring brakes convert air-brake actuator shaft travel into an electronic signal. A module monitors the signals and outputs a warning to indicate which wheel has a problem.

These blinking codes alert drivers as to whether a brake chamber is experiencing normal stroke, overstroke or simply not functioning. Dragging brakes can also be detected with the system.

The monitor can be installed in the cab or outside of the truck.

Stein said E-Stroke enhances safety, reduces the time required for pretrip inspections and lowers repair costs due to more responsive preventive maintenance.

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