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Carbis’ new Flatbed Fall-Protection System is designed to protect against worker injury and liability when loading bulk goods onto flatbed trucks.

The system features truck-length, dock-high platforms; overhead tarping systems; and lifelines that secure workers into body harnesses.

The Fall-Protection Platform is available in aluminum, prime-coated steel or galvanized steel and parallels the entire length of the bed. Standard lengths of 48 feet or more, flatbed heights of 45 inches and a gangway width of 24 inches are available along with custom dimensions.

The ground-operated tarping mechanism applies heavy tarps over bulk loads. It is made of primed or galvanized steel and incorporates two L-frame supports and an overhead beam that extends up to 45 feet or more. A trolley runs the length of the beam and includes a spreader bar to ease tarps over loads of 13 feet, 6 inches or more. An optional motorized trolley is available for loads up to 1/4 ton or more.

The self-retracting lifeline secures a body harness of sturdy nylon webbing. Tag lines let a worker remain hooked up while ascending and descending the flatbed.

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