Hydrogen Generating System

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Hy-Drive Technologies LTD. headquartered in Toronto, Canada is introducing its first production model “HGS” hydrogen generation system for use on all internal combustion engines, specifically targeting class 8 semi tractors. HGS is designed to run off the tractors existing battery system, requiring a modest 12 amps @ 12 volts.

The HGS unit generates and injects small amounts of hydrogen gas, on-demand, into the combustion chamber of the engine, creating an enriched fuel/air mixture which allows for a more complete and faster burn. The results of this hydrogen enriched fuel/air mixture are:

1. Up to 25% increase in fuel economy with a 10% minimum guarantee.
2. 80% reduction in particular matter in the engines exhaust.
3. Up to 45% reduction in Nitrous-oxides.
4. A staggering reduction of up to 98% of carbon monoxide emissions.
5. A reduction of abrasion and the wear of pistons, rings, valves, cylinder walls and overall degradation of the engine and its oils.
6. Increase in engine horsepower of up to 6%.

HGS is a self contained unit, protected against the environment with a sturdy sealed aluminum checker plated enclosure, suitable for mounting on the tractor frame and capable of operating in temperatures from -50 degrees F to 130 degrees F. The only maintenance required is to add 2 quarts of distilled water for every 80 hours of engine running time. The fill system is fully automatic preventing the user from overfilling.

HGS system comes with all necessary mounting and wiring hardware, and an easy to read installation and operation manual.

Additional information can be requested at;[email protected].