Intermec advances supply chain data collection

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The same precise, mission-critical technology used in vehicles to deploy anti-lock brakes now is available to help companies better capture critical supply chain information, according to Intermec Technologies Corp., which recently introduced the use of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), a type of nanotechnology, to its supply chain data collection equipment.

The use of MEMS-based technology offers the first major revolution in laser-based data collection in 20 years, making it possible to produce laser data collection scanners that are faster, smaller, lighter and more efficient than today’s legacy scanners, Intermec says.

The use of MEMS in supply chain applications promises similar behind-the-scenes improvement to a company’s supply chain operations, according the the company. Because MEMS-based laser scanners are able to read barcodes up to 40 times as fast as today’s legacy equipment, workers are able to capture information more rapidly and efficiently, speeding the flow of information through a supply chain and improving supply chain visibility, Intermec says.

Advances in MEMS already allow detection and measurement of acceleration, acidity, temperature, pressure, stress and many other factors, according to the company. For more information, go to