Anti-idling package available on new Western Star 4900s

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Western Star Trucks now is offering an integrated auxiliary heating/air conditioning and power generation package as optional, factory-installed original equipment on new 4900 Series truck models. The Idle Solutions package is being supplied by Dometic Environmental Corp. and Temco Metal Products Co., and installations will be made at Western Star In-Service Centers.

“With this system, drivers can sleep comfortably in the summer or winter without idling the truck’s engine,” says Lou Siegel, senior vice president of marketing and strategic business development for Dometic. “Truckers can comply with anti-idling laws, save diesel fuel, protect the environment and reduce wear and tear on the truck’s engine.”

The Idle Solutions system, which consists of a Dometic 14,000 BTU HVAC system and a Temco 7.2 kW power generator, is independent from the main engine and other truck systems. The Dometic HVAC system consists of a condensing unit, which is mounted outside the cab, and a cooling/heating unit inside the sleeper: The two components are joined by quick-connect refrigerant linesets, which are precharged at the factory, allowing for easy installation without special EPA-approved equipment, according to the company. The system provides 4000 W of heating capacity for cold weather, Dometic says.

The Temco auxiliary power unit consists of a three-cylinder, liquid-cooled 15.8 hp Perkins diesel engine driving a 7.2 kW generator. “The 1,800 rpm diesel provides longer engine life and less downtime for maintenance than higher-speed engines,” says Bruce Bosch, president of Temco. “It uses an average of 0.3 gallons per hour of diesel fuel and provides ample power to run the air conditioner and other electrical appliances on the truck.”