InPower introduces solid-state DC contactors

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InPower’s Series SSC10 line of single-channel solid-state contactors is available in current ranges of 100, 150 and 200 amps. The 100-percent electronic high-current power switches facilitate automatic shutdown for over-current, high-temperature and loss-of-ground conditions; and the low-resistance DC power switch is designed to produce a low-voltage drop and generate only a small amount of internal heat.

As the solid-state contactors have zero-battery current draw in the off state, they make ideal master-battery disconnect switches, according to the company; also, they can be installed directly in the battery cable with smaller control wires running to the remote activation switches. Other applications include the remote-control of high-current DC loads such as blower motors, auxiliary air-conditioner units, lights and hydraulic pump motors.

Over-current protection employs an advanced software-controlled scheme that incorporates a three-stage current/time profile, unlike fuses and mechanical circuit breakers that have one fixed curve determined by their thermal characteristics. InPower says this over-current shutdown protection more closely matches the characteristics of the different types of loads with their individual turn-on surges and running amperages.

The solid-state contactor products are packaged in a totally sealed case, and their four mounting hole pads are designed to provide the required connection to ground; the control input utilizes a 1/4-inch Faston blade terminal. Connections for the high-current DC cables utilize 3/8-16 threaded stainless-steel studs with brass contact pads added for low-contact resistance; they also contain detent grooves that allow rubber terminal boots intended to be used for additional protection from the environment, as well as from accidental shorting.

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