FMCSA revises cargo securement rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has modified or clarified several aspects of its load securement regulations in response to various petitions for rulemaking submitted following the agency’s Sept. 27, 2002, final rule on the issue. The latest rule was published in the June 22 Federal Register.

The changes, which largely adopt a proposed rule issued last June, make the final rule more consistent with the Dec. 18, 2000, notice of proposed rulemaking to adopt the North American Cargo Securement Standard Model Regulations, FMCSA said. The agency was responding to petitions filed and issues raised by the American Trucking Associations, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and various companies and associations involved in the logging industry.

In addition to clarifying the enforcement of the cargo securement regulations, the changes to the 2002 regulations address manufacturing standards for tiedowns and cargo securement requirements for dressed lumber, metal coils, paper rolls, intermodal containers and flattened cars.

For a copy of the final rule, visit and search Docket No. 21259.