Blind rivet fastener offers extended grip range

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The HuckLok Blind Rivet Fastener, a high-strength structural rivet from Alcoa Fastening Systems, is designed to offer a generous quarter-inch grip range, effectively joining a wide range of assemblies from truck bodies to HVAC. The extended grip range allows the HuckLok to join assemblies from 1/8- to 7/8-inch thick; the fastener’s large footprint, or “bulb,” spreads the load over a broader area, resulting in a more durable and dependable joint, the company says.

The HuckLok’s wider grip range is due to the shear ring; after the maximum clamp has been achieved from minimum to maximum grip, the shear ring breaks free from the pin and settles into the appropriate catch groove. In addition, the HuckLok — available in 3/16- and 1/4-inch sizes in steel — is double-locking, which means it securely locks assemblies from both sides, offering an added measure of strength and reliability, according to Alcoa.

Designed for use with a variety of Huck air-actuated tooling, HuckLok blind rivets are designed to install precisely within seconds and require only a quick visual inspection to confirm accurate set, eliminating worker error. For more information, go to