Georgia weigh stations set for PrePass

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The Georgia Department of Transportation, in partnership with HELP Inc., is installing a new technology system to reduce the frequency a cargo tractor-trailer truck must stop to be weighed while traveling on Georgia’s interstates.

“Our partnership with HELP Inc. will enable Georgia to improve commercial vehicle enforcement, save motor carriers time and improve highway safety,” says Georgia DOT Commissioner Harold Linnenkohl.

The PrePass technology is a coast-to-coast system enabling qualified motor carriers to comply electronically with state weight, safety and credential requirements while traveling at normal highway speeds rather than stopping at state truck inspection facilities. Launched in California in 1995, PrePass is operational at 265 locations in 27 states. Nearly 400,000 trucks have enrolled voluntarily in PrePass.

PrePass enables qualified motor carriers to comply electronically with state weight, safety and credential requirements at highway speeds. Motor carrier participation is strictly voluntary, and carrier eligibility is subject to state safety qualifications.

PrePassPLUS is a service that enables users to also pay E-ZPass system tolls electronically. With a monthly toll bill approaching $11 million, PrePassPLUS is believed to be the nation’s single largest toll account.

PrePass is a benefit to Georgia’s motor carriers. According to Ed Crowell, president of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, “Georgia’s decision to deploy PrePass is a big boost to our carriers because it will save them time and fuel as they travel throughout the state and the Southeastern U.S.”

Under the terms of the agreement with HELP Inc., PrePass will be available at most of Georgia’s weigh stations, including:

  • Douglas Eastbound on I-20
  • Chatham County Southbound on I-95
  • Lowndes North and Southbound on I-75
  • Carroll Westbound on I-20
  • Monroe North and Southbound on I-75
  • Columbia East and Westbound on I-20
  • Troup North and Southbound on I-85
  • Franklin North and Southbound on I-85
  • Bryan East and Westbound on I-16
  • McIntosh North and Southbound on I-95
  • Catoosa North and Southbound on I-75
  • “Georgia’s widely-recognized leadership in Intelligent Transportation Systems will be instrumental as HELP Inc. and the state partner to enhance the PrePass system and add functionality that improves the safety and productivity of all PrePass carriers,” says Richard P. Landis, president and chief executive officer of HELP Inc.