GeoLogic Solutions’ Color Display Unit now available

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GeoLogic Solutions, a provider of multimode communications and tracking systems for the transportation industry, announced today, March 7, that its new Color Display Unit has been released as an option for new and currently deployed MobileMax users. The new Windows-based touchscreen technology, which has been undergoing field testing by several fleets over the past three months, now is available commercially.

A key design and engineering goal for the CDU was backwards compatibility. GeoLogic says that as a result, the GeoLogic CDU is fully compatible with existing MobileMax systems, which means that upgrades are simply a matter of replacing the existing Keyboard/Display Unit and its cable with the new CDU and its cable. All other cables and the system’s transceiver dome remain in place when upgrading, the company says.

“Backwards compatibility between the new CDU and the existing MobileMax transceiver dome is a clear indication of how we have worked hard to make this upgrade as simple and economical as possible for our customers,” says John Lewis, president and chief executive officer of Herndon, Va.-based GeoLogic Solutions. “Our engineering department is always looking for ways to meet our customers’ needs, and this exchange makes it easy for them to save time and money — and take advantage of the new CDU’s features — without having to buy a completely new system.”

With the inclusion of the new CDU, MobileMax will continue to operate on a multimode platform, utilizing both cellular or satellite networks to facilitate the ideal combination of message speed and coverage. Fleets also will continue to have access to real-time data over the GPRS-based network from the new AT&T (formerly Cingular), as well as the MobileMax system’s over-the-air programming capability.

Initial shipments of the new CDU from GeoLogic will include text-to-voice functionality. Navigation and electronic driver log functions will be added to the unit’s capabilities in the near future. In addition, GeoLogic will be offering large data communication packages ranging from 100 KB to 10 MB in order to offer these new capabilities at a reasonable cost.

GeoLogic’s new CDU also features two industry-standard USB ports to accommodate additional peripherals, such as keyboards, scanner and printers. The USB ports also can be used to access standard memory sticks, which allow drivers to view training programs and carry logs from one truck to another. The memory sticks also can be used to issue employee communications, including settlement and compensation statements and fuel efficiency incentive program updates, GeoLogic says.

The GeoLogic CDU incorporates several technologies that optimize its use in mobile applications, including a Thin Film Transistor Transflective Liquid Crystal Display designed to operate in harsh environments and optimize performance in all indoor and external lighting conditions; and an Analog Resistive Touch Screen that responds to any input device — including fingers, gloved hands or a pen stylus — and is not affected by dirt, dust, water or light. Options include protective overlays for excessively dirty environments, such as on/off-highway operations.

“Our new CDU will enhance the driver experience and allow trucking operations to improve their productivity and efficiency,” Lewis says. “Drivers will like its easy-to-use design, and fleets will find it can streamline business and data management processes by making it simple to integrate a broad range of third-party hardware and Windows-based software applications. When our customers choose to upgrade to the new CDU, they can readily take advantage of all of its new features and see why GeoLogic continues to stand out for its advanced technology and customer-focused design and engineering advantages.”