Workhorse adds another choice for heavy-duty walk-in trucks

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More choices from Workhorse Custom Chassis came with the launch of another new walk-in truck at last week’s NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. Called the W62, the new truck — chassis by Workhorse, bodies by Morgan Olson or Utilimaster — extends the capacity of the Workhorse walk-in lineup with 19,500 lb. and 23,500 lb. GVWR models.

Workhorse’s initial offering in these weight classifications will be gasoline-powered, using General Motors’ 8.1 L Vortec V8 gasoline engine mated to the five-speed Allison 1000HS (for 19,500 lb. GVWR) or Allison 2200HS (for 23,500 lb. GVWR) transmission. The big block Vortec produces 310 horsepower and 455 lb.-ft. of torque. Workhorse says it is the only chassis manufacturer to power a gas walk-in at these GVWRs. A diesel version using International’s MaxxForce 5 V6 engine will be launched by mid-summer.

“We’re very excited about these new choices in the heavier-duty segment of walk-in truck use,” says Jay Sandler, Workhorse vice president of commercial products. “It puts us in what we see as a growing segment of the walk-in market. For truck owners, it provides another choice to help them achieve the best fit for their needs.”

Sandler noted that, with the higher cost of diesel fuel and 2007 emissions-compliant diesel engines, fleets are taking a new look at gas engines. “Modern gas engines are no longer that far behind diesels in terms of longevity and maintenance,” Sandler says. “They are emissions-compliant everywhere. They’re less expensive and they weigh less, so you have more payload capacity. If you’re putting less than 25,000 miles a year on the truck, and particularly if it sits for stretches at jobsites, gas is a viable option, even for those with higher GVWR needs.”

With the addition of the W62, “Workhorse has far and away the broadest lineup of walk-in trucks of any manufacturer,” Sandler says. With the addition of the diesel W62 this summer, Workhorse will offer both gas and diesel choices for GVWRs ranging from 9,400 lbs. to 23,500 lbs., with wheelbases from 125 inches to 218 inches. The W62 comes with wheelbases of 157, 178, 190, 208 and 218 inches.

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Parcel delivery, utilities, textile/uniform rental, municipalities, newspapers and mobile tool sales are some of the vocations that Workhorse expects to compete in more effectively with the higher GVWR classifications, not to mention providing more options for present customers to grow into. “Many businesses are looking to do more with one truck on one route or a jobsite,” Sandler says. “So the W62 is now one of their choices.”

Another choice Workhorse offers that Sandler says is unique to the trucking industry is free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty period. “It’s a no-brainer to us,” Sandler says. “We know how important these trucks are to the people who use them.” Workhorse Roadside Assistance gives them a number to call, no matter where they are, to help them quickly obtain needed service.

The W62 incorporates a number of features developed for the new Workhorse W42 truck, which was launched two years ago and covers GVWRs from 9,400 to 16,000 lbs. These features ensure that the outstanding ride, handling and performance of the W42 also will be the hallmark of the W62, Sandler says.

The features include Meritor Quadraulic brakes – four-wheel disc brakes with four pistons at each caliper. The braking system also includes WABCO 4-channel ABS system with full J-1939 diagnostic capability. “This is the best braking system in the industry for this size truck,” Sandler says.

The W62 uses 225/70 19.5-inch tires as standard, with a 245/70 19.5-inch option on steel wheels in black, gray or white. Mud/snow treads are also an option for the rear tires.

The W62 also uses two-leaf parabolic springs coupled with premium gas shock absorbers, Sandler says. “These springs provide a very good ride quality and at the same time contribute to a lighter chassis and more payload capacity,” he says.

The truck easily turns with ZF Servocom 8095 variable ratio power steering, Sandler says. The instrument cluster has an info center for the truck, tilt steering column and custom 15 1/2-inch steering wheel (18-inch optional), cruise control and brake/transmission/shift interlock. A remote shift gear is mounted on the dashboard, as is the ignition keyhole.

“The 8.1 liter Vortec with the Allison transmission is a powerful performance package for this classification,” Sandler says. “With these kind of choices now available, we think we can better serve current walk-in users and also encourage potential customers to take a new look at what our walk-in truck can do for them.”

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