Inside the Outdoors TV, ATBS launch reality show

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Inside the Outdoors is teaming with America’s Trucking Business Services to produce and air a reality-based show called “ATBS TurnAround.” The show will appeal to owner-operators, as well as trucking companies, that wish to learn the best practices for managing their business and the best ways to increase their day-to-day bottom line.

“ATBS TurnAround” will air exclusively on IdeAire’s Inside the Outdoors TV channel starting this week. It is geared toward the owner-operator lifestyle and features real drivers facing real-life hardships as they try to earn a living and become profitable. The show will tell the stories of various owner-operators who are struggling to stay solvent, “TurnAround” their operations and avoid bankruptcy.

Inside the Outdoors is the sole provider of hunting, fishing and outdoor programming for TEN, the Truckers’ Entertainment Network offered by IdleAire. For more information on the show, visit Inside the Outdoor’s website.