NovaTracker launches KUVA tracking system

NovaTracker ( recently introduced the KUVA mobile tracking device for high-value assets. The battery-powered KUVA integrates GPS satellite tracking and GSM/GPRS cellular location reporting and is suited for a wide range of applications to identify, track, trace and manage mobile assets, equipment, containers and cargo in transit, the company says.

The new NovaTracker technology platform facilitates a high level of programming in three modes based on time and motion. In the “time interval” mode, KUVA can be set to report at user-defined fixed-time intervals ranging from every five minutes to once daily; this flexibility enables KUVA to function as either an asset-tracking or portable vehicle monitoring device, the company says.

In the “preset time of day” mode, KUVA can be set to report up to eight times per day, providing the capability to only monitor equipment on a jobsite after hours. The “motion” mode gives the user the flexibility to track an asset only when it detects motion; as a result, KUVA generates only relevant data transmissions with minimal transmission costs, the company says. If KUVA is beyond cellular network range, the data is stored chronologically and is transmitted when the unit is back in range.

Simple to install, KUVA easily integrates with virtually all asset management, tracking and verification software, according to NovaTracker. The device fits in a vehicle’s glove compartment for temporary vehicle tracking.