Swift’s Mexican subsidiary linked to U.S. Customs ACE system

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Swift Transportation announced today, June 1, that its wholly owned Mexican subsidiary, Trans-Mex, has become one of the first Mexican trucking companies to deploy a trade processing system developed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that accelerates cross-border commerce while improving security at U.S. borders. Swift says this arrangement allows it and Trans-Mex to seamlessly expedite shipments between Mexico and the United States, while providing customers with a safe, secure and efficient solution for cross-border shipments.

The Automated Commercial Environment, or ACE, is part of a multi-year modernization effort by the CBP to automate the flow of information between the trucks and the border agents about cargo approaching U.S. borders, making it easier for customs agents to decide what they wish to inspect. The electronic manifest for trucks replaces a paper-based process.

“Tying our Trans-Mex business information systems to ACE not only provides our customers with tangible benefits such as faster Customs clearances, it also supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s dual mission to facilitate legitimate trade and secure our nation’s borders,” says Jerry Moyes, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Swift Transportation parent Saint Corp. “Because Trans-Mex moves hundreds of shipments across the border every business day, a significant amount of paperwork was required under the old system. ACE changes all that, completely automating the truck manifest inspection process.”

With the new ACE system, Trans-Mex provides CBP with shipment information electronically through an EDI (electronic data interchange) connection, as well as information on the vehicle and the Trans-Mex driver. CBP now can quickly verify the legitimacy of vehicles and drivers and run the shipping data through electronic filters to make inspection selections, allowing the selections to be determined before a shipment reaches the border. Goods not selected for inspection and in compliance with U.S. laws can be expedited.

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“Programs like these that expedite trade particularly benefit Swift and Trans-Mex customers, because Swift is the only U.S. carrier that owns 100 percent of a Mexican carrier, which allows us this seamless capability,” Moyes says. “It’s also consistent with our company’s emphasis on superior customer service, safety and security.”

Swift views international transportation with Mexico to be an area for substantial growth. Currently, the Phoenix-based company handles less than 3 percent of the 3.2 million crossings from Mexico each year.