MSM Group expands location in Charlotte, N.C.

The MSM Group of Companies says it has strengthened its presence in the southern United States with the expansion of its location in Charlotte, N.C. The office will provide sales and administrative support for the company’s commercial transportation business, and it also will support MSM’s information technology group, which has been based in Charlotte since 2003.

“Charlotte is at the heart of a key economic region in the United States,” says Mike McCarron, managing partner of the MSM Group of Companies. “We see tremendous competitive advantages from having a highly focused sales network there. It also completes a strategic, geographic triangle with our operations in Toronto and Los Angeles.”

The MSM Group of Companies provides a range of commercial transportation services in North America, including over-the-road trucking, contract carriage, warehouse distribution and trailer rental. It specializes in transborder less-than-truckload and expedited freight, and is responsible for moving more than 50,000 shipments a year between Canada and the United States.

“Having established a technology center in Charlotte four years ago, we’ve experienced the thriving business environment and abundance of talent there,” McCarron says. “This office makes it easier for us to build transportation strategies that produce strong, reliable, cost-effective supply chains for customers in the southern United States.”

The new facility is located at 4324 Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, Charlotte, NC 28227.