GE Fleet Services promotes Environmental Performance

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GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services says its Environmental Performance solution employs a portfolio of technology and analytical solutions to improve the environmental performance of a company’s fleet while reducing operating costs. GE says it works closely with its customers to develop and implement a customized roadmap that helps them strengthen their environmental and operating performance by mapping tailored strategies for their service, sales and delivery cars and trucks.

GE’s roadmap process focuses on three core elements: vehicle selection, vehicle efficiency, and measurement and reporting. GE’s integrated scenario modeling and lifecycle cost analysis tools are designed to help customers select the most efficient vehicles for their fleet from both an environmental and cost perspective. Vehicle efficiency tools such as telematics can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and boost operational performance, according to the Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company.

Measurement and reporting are a critical element to Environmental Performance’s focus on results; GE has added a performance indicator to my.Dashboard, its integrated Web reporting tool, designed to give customers on its fuel program clear line-of-sight to CO2 emissions. GE also has included CO2 emissions on customer annual reviews.

GE launched its solution to the fleet industry during the National Association of Fleet Administrators conference in early May, and to the general public at GE’s second anniversary of ecomagination “Green is Universal” forum, held May 24 at Universal Studios. Environmental Performance focuses on using technology and data analytics to achieve real results for GE customers, and is the first ecomagination-certified service offering within GE. It is available in the United States, Canada and Europe.