Mack Performance Tour hits the road to reach customers

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Twenty Mack Granite and Pinnacle trucks will fan out across America beginning in late June to illustrate the performance of the vehicles equipped with U.S. 2007-certified Mack MP engines. The trucks are part of the Mack Performance Tour from Mack Trucks, and will visit Mack dealerships in the United States and Canada through the end of September. Drivers will be able to test-drive the trucks at Mack dealerships during the tour.

The Mack Performance Tour began with a special dealer and customer event now under way in Las Vegas, Nev., through Saturday, June 9. Afterward, the trucks will hit the roads, with each Mack loaded to capacity to give customers a real feel for the power of the MP engines. Mack dealerships will publicize their own events locally with customers. In addition, Mack Trucks will unveil the website in mid-June to update tour schedules for customers.

The Mack MP7 and MP8 engines are built to provide a broader range of engine offerings than the previous generation of Mack engines, with more horsepower ratings. The engine ratings also are more precisely matched to customer applications, Mack says, and the engines’ higher power density makes it possible for customers in some weight-sensitive applications to select the smaller displacement MP7. Customers can choose from Mack Econodyne, MaxiCruise and Maxidyne engine families for their MP7 and MP8 engines to accommodate specific operating conditions.