Con-way launches Leadership Academy for employee training

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Con-way Inc. announced Tuesday, June 26, the launch of the Con-way Leadership Academy – a corporate initiative designed to accelerate and deepen formalized employee training and professional skills development throughout the enterprise. The Con-way Leadership Academy is designed to provide education and training across a wide spectrum of functional and leadership roles, spanning operations, sales and management.

The program has an extensive curriculum designed to develop and improve job skills and leadership abilities at every level within the organization, and across all of the company’s freight transportation and logistics business units. Con-Way says the Academy is an integral part of its extensive, continuous investment in employee training and education, which starts at the driver and field sales levels, and extends through front-line supervisory to senior management ranks.

“Con-way would not be the solid, progressive company that it is today without the expertise and exemplary skills of every one of our employees – and the extensive training that helps them be most effective for our customers,” says Douglas W. Stotlar, president and chief executive officer of San Mateo, Calif.-based Con-way. “The Con-way Leadership Academy is the next stage of our investment in our most valuable asset – our people. We want to ensure that they are not only able to meet the challenges of their current positions, but are always preparing to take the next step. With their success, Con-way will continue to grow and remain a formidable competitor in this industry.”

The Con-way Leadership Academy has four layers of skills development emphasis: position fundamentals, leadership fundamentals, strategic leadership/advanced leadership preparation for highest achievement (ALPHA), and executive education. Con-way says each layer targets employees at specific stages of their careers:

  • For position fundamentals, each business unit creates and facilitates classes, activities and experiences to help employees build a strong foundation of job-related knowledge.
  • The next layer, leadership fundamentals, is tailored to provide front-line and middle managers with the tools and techniques to become effective leaders. Selected employees complete four three-day courses – one every six months. Leadership fundamentals courses are held at five U.S. locations, including Portland, Ore.; Buena Park, Calif.; Aurora, Ill.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Dallas/Fort Worth; and internationally at company sites in Amsterdam, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. In 2007, 950 employees will complete the first course within the leadership fundamentals curriculum.
  • The ALPHA program was launched to identify and develop future senior leaders. Con-way recently selected its first enterprise-wide class of ALPHA candidates for advanced leadership preparation. ALPHA is a three-year curriculum designed to ensure that the future leaders of Con-way are prepared to take on the highest level of responsibility when the opportunity arises. Participants in ALPHA are nominated by their business units and selected from throughout the enterprise by the CEO and his executive committee.
  • Corporate executives participate in the executive education curriculum – the pinnacle of the Con-way Leadership Academy program – attending workshops, symposiums and other modules specifically designed for their level of expertise.
  • “At Con-way, professional development doesn’t stop once you reach the height of your career,” Stotlar says. “In fact, we believe our top-level executives have more responsibility than anyone to improve, grow and develop their leadership abilities. The Con-way Leadership Academy enables them to do just that.”