Menlo Worldwide’s Hong Kong facility recognized for security

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Menlo Worldwide recently announced that its Hong Kong Global Gateway Facility has been awarded Level-B security certification from the Technology Asset Protection Association.

A TAPA security certification confirms the achievement of stringent standards of performance for systems and procedures to ensure secure access, protection and control of a facility and the products it houses. Certification levels are assigned according to the extent of security protection provisions provided by the facility operator. The Level-B certification is a widely recognized indicator of superior security protections for a multi-client facility such as Menlo’s operation in Hong Kong.

TAPA is a recognized industry standards organization made up of security professionals from high-tech companies and their related business partners. The organization was founded in 2000 in light of increasing security threats throughout the supply chain to help raise security standards for those facilities that store and transport high-value technology products. A subsidiary of Con-way Inc., Menlo Worldwide is a global provider of logistics, transportation management and supply chain services, and is a member of TAPA.

“TAPA certification recognizes Menlo’s constant commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security to protect our customers’ products,” says James Hsu, managing director, Asia-Pacific, Menlo Worldwide. “We recognized the concerns of our high-tech customers and went through the rigorous process of reviewing and enhancing all of our security measures in order to be successful in the TAPA audit. Some customers prefer to do business with TAPA-certified facilities – our certification ensures that they can confidently entrust Menlo with their high-value products.”

To meet TAPA’s strict freight security requirements, Menlo assessed all warehouse and transportation security, including both physical (cameras, alarms, access control) and procedural (processes, documentation, contingency plans) elements. Stringent corporate security standards, in place since the facility’s startup, simplified audit preparation for Menlo associates, the company says. Before granting certification, TAPA auditors evaluated Menlo’s access control, dock and warehouse facility and perimeter security, as well as all security systems and procedures, and pre-alerts.

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Menlo’s Airport Logistics Park facility in Singapore is TAPA Level-A certified. The company’s internal practice is to have all multi-user facilities compliant at a minimum with TAPA Level-B requirements. The new TAPA certification is valid for two years, and is renewable upon passage of subsequent audits.