Daily Direct/Haul Bikes offering real-time tracking

PeopleNet recently announced that Daily Direct/HaulBikes, a specialty carrier of motorcycles and other motorized sport vehicles, has chosen PeopleNet to enable comprehensive fleet management, including customer tracking of shipments.

Daily Direct/Haul Bikes, based in Milwaukee, Wis., operates a fleet of 14 company-owned tractors and a growing number of owner-operators. The fleet uses trailers equipped with unique strapping systems that protect motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, jet skis and snowmobiles from damage and wear during transport.

PeopleNet will be installed shortly in all Daily Direct/HaulBikes trucks; each will be tracked by satellite for fleet management purposes. Daily Direct/HaulBikes also will provide customers with order tracking numbers that can be typed into HaulBike’s PeopleNet-linked webpage; there, HaulBike’s customers will be able to see the real-time location of the truck carrying their motorcycle or sports vehicle.

“These ‘real-time’ updates are similar to the way FedEx and UPS shipments are scanned at shipment transfer checkpoints, with barcodes providing a tracking log for the customer to reference,” says Ken Durik, owner of Daily Direct/HaulBikes. “In our case, customers can sign up to get automatic e-mail updates, or log onto our website and use their order tracking number to see where their motorcycle is at any given transfer stage, whether their shipment was received at a hub or terminal or is on the final route to their travel destination.”

Durik says that by using PeopleNet’s geofencing capability, the carrier can send the customer an e-mail alert when a truck enters a given geofencing radius. “If geofencing is set to a 50-mile radius, the e-mail alert will provide a two-hour notification, or if it’s 30 miles, maybe a one-hour notification of the delivery,” he says. “This is a true benefit for the customer, because we will be able to quickly provide the status of the customer’s shipment.”