Xata to release Xatanet 4.0 for optimizing fleet operations

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Xata Corp. announced Friday, Sept. 28, the release of version 4.0 of its Web-based Xatanet fleet operations optimization tools. Xata says fleets implementing Xatanet 4.0 will benefit from streamlined system management, instant notification of critical events, an enhanced view of day-to-day operations performance, increased security and an accelerated return on investment.

Xata says Xatanet 4.0 also offers enhanced support for third-party in-cab displays and handheld devices; by extension, Xatanet 4.0 will support third-party navigation services, future technology innovations and an even higher level of back-office application integration. Xatanet 4.0’s ability to interface with nonproprietary devices gives fleet managers greater flexibility when choosing in-cab displays and third-party navigation services, according to the company.

Xatanet 4.0 gives its customers an advantage over competitive offerings, Xata says; as fleet managers refine and improve their operations through Xatanet 4.0, they can offer their own customers an unprecedented level of accurate on-time delivery, while reducing operations costs, improving driver safety and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Xata says Xatanet 4.0, tested and implemented in the field, features more than 14 enhancements, including these highlights:

  • User-configurable Smart Checks send critical data and performance alerts to key personnel via e-mail, phone or pager. Through Smart Checks, fleet managers receive immediate notification of such events as driver delays, hours-of-service alerts and schedule variances. Both Xatanet and non-Xatanet users can receive Smart Check alerts;
  • The Exceptions function tracks ongoing operational events and identifies performance levels outside user-defined limits. Typical exceptions include driver log violations, low fuel economy and excessive idle time. Within this function, users can specify exceptions important to their operations and adjust the exception threshold for each set of parameters;
  • Learned Standards can gather and store long-term aggregate data from an entire fleet. Typical metrics include time and distance between stops, delivery times, miles per gallon by driver or vehicle and idle time. Through this data, managers can set performance benchmarks against which actual performance data can be compared. Managers then can export their Xatanet data to other logistics systems for improved management decision-making capability; and
  • XataScope allows fleet managers to track, capture and report on vehicle speed data at intervals of one second. XataScope provides reports on second-by-second speed, minute-by-minute speed, speed changes and speeding, giving fleet managers multiple views on driver driving habits and their impact on fuel use and road safety.
  • “We’re pleased to bring an increased level of performance and functionality to our customers,” says Tom Flies, senior vice president of product management for Minneapolis-based Xata. “Xatanet 4.0 not only offers enhanced recording and analytical tools for fleet managers, it provides a clear path for our OpCenter customers to upgrade to the Xatanet platform.”

    Xatanet 4.0 features will be available on Sunday, Oct. 7, at 1:01 a.m. CT. For more information about Xatanet 4.0 and Xatanet 4.0 training DVDs and materials, go to www.xata.com or call 800-745-9282.