Petersen offers easy-to-use industrial lighting

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The Wobble Light from Petersen Brands is an industrial lighting unit designed for tradesmen seeking to replace tripod-mounted worklights that require time-consuming setup and can easily tip over and break. The 360-degree, self-righting worklight weighs 27 pounds and sits on a rounded, counter-weighted base designed to keep it upright. A polycarbonate dome and floating shock system help protect the bulb from jarring and strikes, and the unit’s internal ventilation system helps the unit stays cool to the touch.

Suited for use in many applications — including electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation and maintenance — a single-unit Wobble Light can illuminate areas from 20 to 110 feet in diameter, according to the company. A built-in handle is designed to allow users to easily drag the light from one place to another, and the unit also has a separate power outlet built right into the base to allow users to plug in a power tool or daisy-chain several Wobble Lights together to illuminate a larger area, the company says.

The Wobble Light is available in four different models, with lighting ranges of up to 1,000 square feet. Metal halide versions come in 175-, 250- or 400-watt models; a 120-watt fluorescent model also is available. For more information, go to