Transporting hazardous liquids just got easier, SpillTech says

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SpillTech designed its HazMat Pouch Kit to catch and protect hazardous liquids – up to five gallons – that might leak out of bottles, vials and containers during transport.

LabPack any liquid up to moderate hazard, and the Yellow HazMat Polypropylene Particulate that is sandwiched between a heavy plastic liner and an absorbent spunbond layer will protect it, the company says; the pouch then is put inside a heavy-duty plastic OverPack that is rated for shipping moderately hazardous materials.

The absorbent material is designed to act like a cushion, providing protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling, as well as an insurance policy against accidental leaks and spills. The OverPack provides sealed and secure closure, protecting from moisture, dirt and damage, and is durable to withstand rough handling, according to SpillTech.

The kit also includes seals, labels and a five-gallon UN-approved container. For more information, go to